The Chapterhouse

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The Chapterhouse is a joint venture between House Ghallanda and House Phiarlan, serving as tavern, hostel and performance space. Run by Sorala d’Ghallanda, it provides inexpensive accomodations at a variety of comfort levels and excellent entertainment. The hostel is big enough to almost always have rooms available, the only drawback being that, if you stay in the Chapterhouse, you can be certain someone knows exactly where you are. The place is a wonderful place to find information: jungle expeditions, gossip about a Storm Lord, ships with mysterious cargo, and any sort of interesting news run all around the tables in there.


The crowd in the place is always very diverse. As anyone enters, the noise provides the best cover for private conversations. Every night a group of elves is playing some exotic wind and string musical instruments in a curious harmony full of rhythm, excitement and momentum.

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The Chapterhouse

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